Ballierungsanlage in Plymouth mit einer Zwei-Wege-Presse (UPAMAX) der Firma unoTech.

Commissioning baling unit in Plymouth, United Kingdom


The South West Devon Waste partnership procured an EfW CHP Facility from MVV Environment Devonport Ltd in Plymouth.

Sutco Logo

Sutco® is now a registered EU trademark.


Another important step in the success story of Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH is the registration of the name Sutco® as a union brand.

Start of construction MPT in Hull, United Kingdom


The internationally experienced specialist recycling plant builder Sutco UK (part of the LM-GROUP) has recently been awarded ...

Malpass Farm

Commissioning treatment plant for SRF/RDF in Rugby, UK


The new SRF production facility at Malpass Farm in the UK provides „climafuel“ for cement kiln operators Cemex.

New windrow composting system "Wendelin - the new generation"


Disassembly and assembly of our new Wendelin bridge-type turning device - The new generation.

New digestion process BioPV combines compost and biogas


A new process digests only a partial flow of biowaste - for Mr. Adolf Kreimer of the Entsorgungs-Gesellschaft Westmünsterland the quality...

PRESS: Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung


Commissioning of the world's most modern plant for packaging waste.