Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden visits the Sutco LWP plant in Motala

Together with the Governor of the Östergötland district, Mr. Carl Fredrik Graf, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden last week visited the LWP sorting plant at Motala, built by Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH, which is currently Europe's largest and most advanced sorting system for plastic packagings. As a representative of the Swedish royal family and in her capacity as a UN ambassador, she interestingly pursued the effort to comply with the global sustainability objectives. After her visit of the fully automatic plant, which has been in operation since May 2019, she was enthusiastic about its extraordinary sorting qualities. At the end of her royal visit, the governor of Östergötland gave her a rolling case made of recycled plastic, which she thankfully accepted with the words "Oh, then I always can carry a little bit of Motala with me". Also, Mr. Matthias Philipsson, CEO of the Svensk Plastatervinning operating company, was positively surprised by the high visit and the fact of how well the Crown Princess was informed about the recycling issue. As far as recycling and renewable energies are concerned, Sweden is one of the most advanced countries in the European Union, thus initiating sustainable energy recovery. The objective is the recycling of all plastic packagings in the Swedish market and making them new plastic products. The sorting plant at Motala meets all requirements for that.