This unit has especially been developed for an air-supported separation of tabular-light and heavy materials and is used for EBS (substitute fuel) production - and for DSD (Duales System Deutschland) sorting of household waste as well. Throughputs of up to 20 t/h are possible. The 5 main adjustment positions ensure an exactly defined separation. Since the air moves within a closed circuit, only a small filter surface is required for cleaning the excess air volume.


  • Separator for heavy parts
  • automatic Seperation of light and and heavy recyclable material
  • protection od downstream units (e.g. crushers) by Separating bulk material


The material to be classified is conveyed to the separation chamber by an acceleration belt whose speed can be adjusted. An air flow whose volume and direction can be adjusted flows through the discharge parabola immediately after leaving the belt conveyor, transporting large-surface particles with a low weight to the rear area of the classifier where they settle on the light-material collection belt and are conveyed out of the classifier together with it.

Heavy and massive parts fall onto the heavy-material collection belt in the front area of the classifier. The separating cut between heavy and light material can be adjusted according to the requirements by the separating vertices which can be adjusted by a motor. The required air flow is generated by a radial fan. To keep the air flow to be dedusted as low as possible, the air blown into the rear part of the separation chamber is sucked again by a radial fan, i.e. operated in a circulation air mode. A part of the sucked air is delivered to a dedusting unit so that the separation chamber is kept under vacuum and an escape of dust is largely prevented.