The Sutco disc screen provides another technology for presorting cardboard (cartons) and paper. The use of the disc screen allows sorting processes by up to less than 60% of personnel - an economic aspect which pays. Another great advantage is the fact that large pieces of material are eliminated and the personnel is thus relieved. Also, the Sutco disc screen disentangles the remaining material and thus leads to an increase in the sorting quality.


FrameSection steel construction of welded design
FrameAxles with slip-on discs / spacers
Drive supported by induction-hardened chain wheels
DiscsTriangular disc for disc screen fine plastic
Elliptical disc screen for coarse plastic
Hexagonal plate for industrial waste and wood from Hardox 500
Material to be conveyedCardboard, paper (industrial waste and wood)
Screen width and lengthDesign according to the required throughput
Motor power7.5 kW for the coarse disc screen per cascade,
5.5 kW per cascade for the fine disc screen per cascade