The Sutco apron conveyors are designed for feeding and transporting large and heavy materials. The robust design allows heavy materials such as stones, mixed construction waste, bulky waste, industrial waste etc. to be charged. Apron widths of up to 3000 mm and throughputs of up to 500 t/h (depending on the material) are possible.


  • transport of household waste
  • bulky waste
  • stones
  • soil
  • steel scrap
  • industrial waste
  • mixed construction debris
  • compost


The base frame consists of a folded and screwed modular steel sheet structure. Accessories such as pull cord switches, standstill detectors, dust covers, suction hoods and subbelt covers can be attached. A system perforation in the steel sheets allows a subsequent installation of these parts. In addition, numerous inspection openings are provided for maintenance and repair.

Among others, the screwed wearing rails which can be exchanged in the base frame make sure that the belt runs exactly and smoothly. A covering of the cold-form steel plates edged up on the sides and the side plates ensure high dust and dirt tightness in the side plate area. In the area of material charge the steel plates are supported by an impact table integrated in the apron conveyor.

A bush conveyor chain equipped with inductionhardened rolls and welded-on angles for plate fastening is designed as a traction element. The rollers run on guiding rails which are screwed to the base frame. The chain is lubricated by a dripfeed lubricator. Power transmission is by the chain wheels. The bearing housing can be lubricated while the belt is running.


  • for sorting by grippers
  • for high charging elevations
  • as charging Belts
  • as Buffer storage
  • as under floor conveyors
  • as feed Belts for crushing and pressing
  • as discharging Belts from walking floors